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tv   ABC7 News at 5  ABC  August 2, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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isolated storm chance for the next few hours. generally partly sunny and muggy for the next few hours. there are a lot of severe thunderstorm action and the flooding concerns heading north and east of baltimore. that is the core of the storms. south and west there are isolated showers but by and large the metro is fine for the evening and overnight as well with mostly clear and muggy conditions. 65 to 72 by the morning. so the die will start like tomorrow. temperatures rapidly rise from 80 to the 90's. thunderstorm chance for tomorrow, the weekend, hang on. a big change for the better in the weekend forecast coming up in a few minutes. larry? larry: okay. doug, hanks. new information tonight about the tornado that touched down on kent island last week. queen anne's county says 155 buildings were damaged by the ef-2 twister. 11 were destroyed. fortunately there was just one minor injury. they were living the american dream. a brother working full-time to pay for the portion of his
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education that a scholarship wouldn't cover. alison: but now both men are heading back to el salvador, deported after coming to the u.s. as children. montgomery county reporter kevin lewis live in langry park after an emotional -- langely park after an emotional plea from the family today. kevin? kevin: casa hosted a press conference earlier this afternoon to denounce the federal authority action of deporting the brothers. one of the main arguments is neither had a criminal record. >> we come and she can't do it anymore. i'm very sorry. >> the mother of lesandro and diego nearly collapsed after i.c.e. deported her two grown sons. >> these are boys that worked hard every day. >> the coach at the bethesda soccer club spoke highly of their skill on and off the field. >> lesandro came to t
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every day. without a raid he would take the bus. without a bus he would walk. he always showed up. he asked you how you were doing. >> but as i.c.e. exmains it, custom agents caught the brothers using fake passports and visas at j.f.k. airport in 2009. both brothers purchased return flight to the native el salvador where they could apply for u.s. visa, green card or citizenship. but that never happened. hence today's deportation. >> i knew them to be amazing young men. >> immigration attorney nick katz is point thing finger at president trump. >> they showed up for every court day. for every i.c.e. appearance. under the obama administration, they would have been eligible to apply for the expansion of daca but this administration has shut the door on that. >> well, despite the strong worsed, a large per sen tam of people are siding with i.c.e. at least online. one man
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"someone broke the law. why are people so mad?" i'm live in langry park, kevin lewis -- langely park, kevin lewis. larry: this is as the president to change the immigration system to merit-based program. president trump: this competitive application process will favor applicants who can speak english financially support themselves and their families. demonstrate kills that will contribute to hour economy. larry: president trump campaigned on merit based system. the plan will likely be met with opposition in congress. alison: one person is dead and a second is missing after an explosion at a school in minneapolis. nancy: the school says all the students are accounted
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a gas line was severed in a work at a private prep school. they were told about the leak but it exploded 15 seconds later. >> a huge explosion. it knocked most of us back and knocked me off my feet. fell back. >> came out 30 seconds later. i saw it had a gap. i could see through to the other side. >> in total seven people were hurt. >> thank you. the report claims that the justice department may sue over affirmative action admission practices. the "new york times" says they are looking to redirect the green sources and targeting th
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against white applicants. so far the justice department is not commenting. alison: thousands of people lined up around the country for shot at working for amazon. >> the company is looking to fill 50,000 position nationwide. 1,200 in maryland. some people drove from prince george's county for a shot. >> if you need something, you have to go somewhere to get it. >> i'm impressed that anyone is driving from d.c. to baltimore for on the spot job offer. >> amazon held fares at a dozen of -- amazon held fairs at a dozen sites today. another event is helping people living in the
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capital find the right fit. d.c. bureau chief sam ford is reporting that delegate eleanor holmes norton's annual job fair at the convention center features employers from d.c. and other big cities. sam: girlfriend and boyfriend for three years, the couple came to the job fair together. >> i'm always the pusher. i push him to come here. i want more. >> we both just want better for each other, long story short. sam: she is working at jimmy johns and he is unemployed. at the d.c. police booth a recruiter gave her a lot of attention. potential employers range from police and corrections agencies to starbucks. this job fair while certainly busy, it does not have the massive turnout that we have seen at some of the events in the past. this is our video from 2011. 4,000 cape then versus
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ode. >> this is unlike job fairs we have had in the past. where there was a lot of unemployment. there is a lot of unemployment in d.c. relative to the region. but not relative to what we had a few years ago. still, serious recruiters like the philadelphia police department. >> anyone with a career, interest in law enforcement we have an opening for you. >> people seeking jobs. >> i am looking for a job in finance position. >> i want to work. >> he wants to drive trash trucks for the city. d.c. public works wasn't there today. but the couple say they are motivated. >> once we get a career, and ten we can get married. >> save up enough money. we'll have a big wedding. a big wedding. you're invited. sam: in northwest washington, i'm sam ford, abc7 news. alison: wishing them a lot of luck. speaking of luck, president trump says he expects the stock market to go even higher after it hit a new record. the
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mark. minutes after the opening bell. then blue chips ended the day 16 points above 22,000. larry: u.s. attorney general jeff session ses says the justice department is going to start sending help to cities fighting the heroin crisis. a dozen federal prosecutors will be going to the city to investigate healthcare fraud and opioid scams. 52,000 americans died of overdoses in 2015. that was a record number. alison: the man accused of killing the manager at a warrenton c.v.s. could be in court as early as tomorrow. richard reeve reports that tonight we are learning more about what happened before the shooting. richard: the death of c.v.s. manager rex olsen sent shock wavers through warrenton. >> it's a shock. warrenton is a small, nice down. richard: olsen's body discovered outside the store 10:30 on the night of the 26th. >> i was shocked. i don't know what happened. i just heard he was found dead
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richard: now a week later an arrest. police taking 76-year-old bernard duse, an employee at the store into custody. olsen known in the community as a nice, fremdly -- friendly guy. always with a smile. so they are shocked that it happened. >> i'm happy they made an arrest. it seemed like a nice guy. >> he faces first-degree gun charges and murder charges. they are not revealing what led them to the motive. the family is asking for privacy. >> he always come over and say hi. he was cool. >> his first court appearance is thursday. >> just praying for the victims, the victim family. it's really hard to fathom. >> so much sympathy for the family. >> in warrenton, richard reeve, abc7 news. alison: this just in to the newsroom. nur -- new developments in a home invasion robbery in silver spring.
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held overnight at a home on manchester road. a suspect assaulted a man with a knife but he was able to fight back. all four accused robbers ran from the home and are still on the loose. larry: we have new developments out of western pennsylvania where a c.s.x. freight train retailed to ignite fires fires in a small t. they forced evacuations. so far no injuries have been reported. >> a fire last year cut short the celebration for the reopening of al's steakhouse after extensive renovations. but today the fans of the delray restaurant are celebrating again. the popular cheesesteak place reopened today. long-time customers bought the restaurant a year and a half ago after the original owner died. they were celebrating a soft opening the day of the fire. al's has been in del ray since
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1965. larry: local favorite. you can spend money on the special glasses to see the partial eclipse but we have other ways to watch the solar show. alison: plus, what attorneys for the man who died in the crash with venus williams want from the tennis star. scott: i'm scott abraham at the citi open. we are talking tennis with a tennis hall of famer. tracy austin will join me to break down the action at the tournament. larry: 7 is on stormwatch tonight as the rain moves through the area. this is a live picture of i-95 at route 32 in maryland. right now the planes are being held at the gates at b.w.i. and the delays are hovering around an hour and a half. flight heading to reagan national are at a ground stop. we will get a check of the forecast with doug hill in a few minutes. stay with us. your brain is an amazing thing. but as you get older, it naturally begins to change, causing a lack of sharpness, or even trouble with recall. thankfully, the breakthrough in prevagen helps your brain
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the secret is an ingredient originally discovered... in jellyfish. in clinical trials, prevagen has been shown to improve short-term memory. prevagen. the name to remember.
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with download speeds up to 940 megs - 20 times faster than most people have. switch to fios gigabit connection with tv and phone for $79.99 a month online for the first year. plus hbo for one year and multi-room dvr service for two years, all with a two-year agreement. and switching has never been easier. get out of your contract with up to a $500 credit to help cover your early termination fee. go to alison: we are back with new developments after the deadly crash involving venus williams. attorneys for the man who died in the accident want to search the tennis star cell phone and figure out what she might have been doing when the crash happened june 9. 78-year-old barson died two weeks after williams hit the wife's car. evidence gathered so far shows
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distracted. her attorney's say it's not true. larry: seven matches today at the citi open in d.c. scott abraham is live at the fitzgerald tennis center with more. scott? scott: larry, i'm spoiled here. crashing the set of the tennis channel one more time. day three of the citi open. great matches this afternoon, especially on the women's side. marquee matchup featured bouchard against the american mchail. joining me is tracy austin. all the american women bounce from the tournament already. a little disappointing and surprising. your thoughts on that? >> well, the last american on the women's side in was christina mchail who had a tough draw. playing bouchard from canada. a former wimbledon finalist. it was nick and tuck in the beginning but the canadian played tremendous tennis. 0-6 for the americans in the first round. but we still have the top
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seeds. simona halep. >> and bouchard moves on. on the men's side, a great match-up. nick is in action and the defending champ is in action. what are the expectations for the frenchmen in the tournament? >> she is one of my favorite players and the most talented. a showman. a tremendous athlete. there are so many other top male players that are playing well. >> thank you for your tame. do it again tomorrow. >> sounds good. >> all right. if you are out there watching, remember this tournament really early. the finals will be on sunday at the rock creek park tennis center.
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>> in the past hours we have rains that are popping up. but most of the action continues north of baltimore. the wheeler looks pretty. it feels warmer. if you have outdoor plans for the immediate metro area, 99% of you will be fine without weather worries at all. but this time of year with this air mass a shower could pop up anywhere. right now is 91 at washington and quantico. it's 85 in winchester. 94 in annapolis. these are the feels like. the air temperatures are cooler but in the real world that is what it feels like. the air temperature wise we drop from 80's to
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the pop-up showers will diminish quickly this evening. partly cloudy and muggy throughout the night as well. let's talk radar. this green line that is the doppler radar is outflow boundary from the clusters of the thunderstorms. in the right decision the outflow boundaries can generate development of the storm. that is what we saw with this system now. coming out of eastern howard county and northwestern anne arundel county. there is the boundary. another one to the south of bowie. you see a lot of motion in the atmosphere. that setting it up. everything to the north and east of baltimore and a heavy downpour. a new one developing south and west of b.w.i. they have enough problems of their own in baltimore at the airport with the last word having too many aircraft trying to get in the area. problems consist up the i-95 corridor that resulted in a significant delay. so here are
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national. b.w.i. thurgood marshall, 95. three hour and 15-minute delays at laguardia. the news doesn't get better far north as boston logan with 161 minutes. that is two and a half hours of the delay time there. so hopefully it will improve later tonight. around the area overnight we will see muggy outside. clear to partly cloudy. 72 is the overnight low. tomorrow is 92. feeling warmer. it could be isolated storm. another chance of the storms on friday. 91 degrees. over the weekend, everything changes. we have the area of the high pressure build in. it will drop the temperatures. you will appreciate that. the highs only reach middle 80's. the air will get continuously drier on saturday. some models suggest an early shower. other models will get all the stuff out of here overnight. in any case sunday, looks clear. highs
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feel like that 84 or 83. be nice indeed. number wise once we get through the weekend, things will settle down for a bit. i want to remind you that d.c. united hosting toronto at 7:00 r.f.k. saturday evening. the weather perfect. the final day of the citi open sunday is perfect. lower 80's. thunderstorm chances monday and tuesday. we will stay comfortable for wednesday, thursday, friday. it looks like the tail end of the ten-day. we may see increase in the temperatures and the humidity again by next weekend. what else would you expect in august. bonus days for us. cool dry days for a stretch. good stuff. looking forward to it. >> spoiled here. thank you. still to come a local power company has more than $11 billion in refunds. larry: wow! with a b. "billion." how to get yours coming up. plus -- [singing]
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barbershop quartet you might think of "music man" or just men in general. but up next how these women are changing the face and voice of barbershops. larry: i can't wait for that. but first a look at what is coming up tonight. alison: now adrianna hopkins has a preview of tomorrow's "good morning washington." adrianna: thanks, guys. tomorrow on "good morning washington" from school supplies to fashion and footwear, how to get the best deals and save cash in the tax-free weekend. >> weight gain, short temper and acne. why it could be symptoms of a disease you have and don't know about it. >> keep it here for traffic and weather every ten minutes
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larry: more than 300 of elvis presley's rare personal items are being auctioned off. a guitar ring he wore. the ram's head necklace and a jump suit he wore on stage. that could go as much as $250,000. a live auction is set for next saturday at graceland. it's in honor of the 40th anniversary of the king's death coming up august 16, 1977. alison: i can see you in the jump suit. larry: i t
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what do you think? arms out? show off the guns? alison: give it a try. larry: hundreds of women across the women and all across the world gathered at the university of maryland in college park this week. alison: this is a lot of fun. as mike carter-conneen reports they are building sisterhood through harmony. >> harmonies heard across the campus with the barbershop organization hosting the semi-annual symposium here. >> people don't think that women can sing barbershop harmony. it's not true. >> i'm a bass. >> bass? >> yeah. i sing low note. a lot of ladies can sing the low note. >> the organization was founded in tulsa, oklahoma, in 1945 when a group of the barbershop quartet workers wouldn't allowed their wives to participate. they formed their own group. >> the guys may have founded the barbershop but the women perfected it. >> today the organization claimed 22,000 members worldwide. wit
5:26 pm
this week. attending class, holding competitions and sing manage genres. classic, gospel, country and pop. >> it gives you goosebumps when you participate and listen to it. >> beyond the music, the gathering encourage women to find their voices and build their confidence. >> because they can take these things back to their jobs and into their lives and use them for the benefit. >> most of all the ladies say they love the sisterhood. >> it's an amazing organization to belong to. >> the symposium continues saturday. in college park, mike carter-conneen -- >> ♪ abc7 news [laughter] alison: we love it, mike! thank you very much. that was pretty creative. larry: i'm glad mike didn't join in. i have heard mike sing. it doesn't work. alison: he is like, no i'm not singing. let the beautiful voices take over. still ahead at 5:00, the changing face of a staple on the university of maryland campus. larry: later not what you want
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alison: some good news for the nation's capital to tell you about today. crime so far this year is way down. this is from the same period in 2016. this is across the board. our stephen tschida now with numbers and reaction. stephen: d.c. still sees violent crime. this weekend a rash of thieves left two dead. several injured. >> i was mugged right there 2010. >> heidi feels a lot safer today in d.c. but why? >> i know my community. i know the people in it. i'm familiar with it. i don't have negative experiences. >> a lot of people in city believe they are safer now than in years past and they may be right. check out the crime stats for 2017. so far this year, homicide is down 8%. assault with a dangerous weapon fell 23%. robbery dipped 32%. sex abuse decreased by 7%. overall crime is down 8%.
5:31 pm
shifts. >> i mean the city has become more affluent. >> this used to be the busiest heroin market in the city. for 30 years. it's no longer the heroin market. >> many believe a beefed up police presence is a key factor in reducing crime. >> the presence. more time you very seldom have seen. you only see it when something went down. other than that you wouldn't see them. now they are visible. >> technology could be a factor as well. aten intersection that use -- at an intersection that used to be a war zone for rival crews. today is a bustling corner. reporting live, stephen tschida, abc7 news. larry: thanks. today this man antoine petty pleaded guilty to murdering his 2-month-old son in prince
5:32 pm
petty couldn't get the boy to be quiet so he took him outside and beat him and left the baby in the back of the car for a day before burying him behind a school. petty faces up to 40 years in prison. alison: the medical examiner ruled the death of a woman found buried in the sand in ocean city as an accident. they believe 30-year-old ashley o'connor fell in a hole someone buried and was covered by sand. three more people had to be rescued from rough surf this morning off the beach. larry: new information regarding the massive power out of thage at the outer bank -- at the outer banks. misplaced equipment is to blame for knocking out power to thousands last week. construction workers were setting aside equipment when they damaged underground cables. 50,000 people were forced to evacuate. three lawsuits have been filed against the construction company. alison: "7 on your side" with the consumer alert. this is for dominion energy cest
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they are going to repay $11 million it overcharged some commercial customers. this happened in peak demand periods in 2013 and 2015 when the meters were not reset properly. they plan to issue refunds and 5% good will credit. larry: all right. just in time for school. and no part of that west virginia party unless you go to school in new orleans. the west virginia university are second for party school. tulane university grabbed the top spot. alison: i'm sure they're still having plenty of fun there. today the university of maryland washed away the old and embraced the new. the school debuted the new cold fieldhouse. once known as the arena where the terps won a national basketball championship. the new facility dedicated to the football team. along with the new football equipment, the facility will include the center for sports medicine and will focus on concussion resear
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lighthouse in the chesapeake bay could be yours for the right price. skytrak7 was over the crayhill channel lighthouse today. two miles from the north point state park. first lit in 1873. last check the current bid is $15,000. there is more than a month left to put in your offer. alison: senators want to know why the trump administration scrapped plans for a new f.b.i. headquarters at the last minute. several of them pressed the general services administration for answers in a hearing on capitol hill. >> what is not clear is why the project was suddenly halted. why congress was not photo -- not notified and what happens now. senators shouldn't find out about this by reading about it in the "washington post." alison: citing funding concerns the g.s.a. canceled the project on the eve of selecting a location. they promise to update senators on the future plans for the f.b.i. within four
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wine is running for congress. he is seeking the democratic nomination for the sixth district in maryland including most of montgomery county. congressman john delaney stepping after three terms to run for president in 2020. alison: a major milestone for britain prince philip to tell you about. queen elizabeth's husband made his final solo public appearance today. meating with the royal marines at buckingham palace. while phillip is stepping down from the public duties he will still be at the queen's side, of course. the royal recently joked about the retire saying this. "i'm discovering what it's like to be on your last legs." >> an ohio woman had one wish before she passed away. she wanted one of the favorite hometown milkshakes one more time. emily was in hospice in virginia fighting pancreatic cancer. all she wanted was mocha milkshake from tommy's in cleveland heights. a friend of hers reached out to the owner and he packed one
5:36 pm
overnight. she enjoyed the shake four days before he is died on friday -- she died on friday. it proves that giving is better than receiving. alison: wow! larry: what an honor for him to know that is what she wanted. alison: right! larry: why not? alison: what a special gesture on his part. so nice. well, coming up at 5:00, from milkshakes to cows. does this calf remind you of anyone? what a lot of people are seeing in it next. >> coming up in sports the players aren't the only ones that went through the gauntlet. we'll tell you who else suited up this morning later in sports. larry: at 6:00, caught on video. surviving a catastrophe. what the deputy did second after a suspected drunk driver ran him down.
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steve: all right. made it through wednesday. now looking forward to the
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saturday but by no means a washout. by sunday we will be in the middle 80's with it los of sunshine. head over to the delmarva beaches and stray storms on saturday. 83. sunday looking good, upper 70's. the ten-day outlook after the weekend temperatures hold for lower 80's next week. we will look for another warming trend on the way for the the following weekend. back after this. fios is not cable. we're a 100% fiber optic network. and with the new fios gigabit connection... you get our fastest... internet ever. with download speeds up to 940 megs - 20 times faster than most people have. switch to fios gigabit connection with tv and phone for $79.99 a month online for the first year.
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for two years, all with a two-year agreement. and switching has never been easier. get out of your contract with up to a $500 credit to help cover your early termination fee. go to
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larry: check this underwater footage of a shark chopping on a researcher's camera in massachusetts. whoa! the scientists were tagging great whites off cape cod monday when an 11-foot female shark took a bite of the go pro. no humans hurt. but we can't say the same for the footage. alison: the fact you can still see the footage after it happened. fascinating. all right. well, gene similar mons is known to put his name and likeness on everything. but the kiss front man had nothing to do with the branding. new at the newborn calf in texas. many say he bears a striking resemblance to the makeup wearing rock star. what do you think? as photos and vid
5:41 pm
geniesh -- that's her name -- went viral, simmons tweeted, "this is for real." >> this is going beyond our wildest dreams. we love it. >> she is too special. we are not getting rid of her. >> she has turned our world upside down. when love her. alison: this is funny. the local tourism board says kiss music was playing at the ranch the day genie was conceived. larry: i saw that this morning and there is nothing like a good kiss cow to get you chuckling in the morning. alison: when the tongue is out. larry: pretty close. didn't need the makeup either. pretty cool. well, coming up next at 5:00 -- >> doing okay? >> need help? >> want to call 911? larry: the rush to rescue a woman as her car sinks with a guy filming it that you normally don't see in these situations. >> at this point you are probably familiar with solar glasses.
5:42 pm
i will tell you what a spaghetti strainer might do with th
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the right stuffer? nasa wants to hear from you. the space agency is hiring a planetary protection officer. despite the fancy title whoever is hired won't defend the earth against aliens but instead make sure that the space missions do not contaminate planets. this job has been around since the late 1960's. larry: who knew? we have two and a half weeks away from a partial solar eclipse. you can't look right at it. you need special glasses or another aid to get a glimpse. meteorologist josh knight is live at the national mall with the look at some of the best bets. josh? josh: that is right. even though 85% of the sun is going to be covered, if you didn't know it was going on you might not realize it was happening. we wanted to come down here to the air and the space museum to talk to the pros and figure out good ways to enjoy august
5:46 pm
>> whoa! >> that is the response you get from folks looking through the solar glasses at the sun for a normal day. we are less than three weeks away from when it will different. the program manager at the smithsonian air and space museum. on august 21 the moon will block almost all the sun. >> during that time, walking around, might not notice a whole lot of difference. there is a bright blue sky like today, you might feel like it's hazy. like if there is a cloud over the sun but there isn't. >> if you don't solar glasses or you just want another way to check out the eclipse, this is a cool thing to do with stuff you already have around the house. let me show you what we'll do. make a pinhole viewer. i'll speed up the process. i cut a hole in the paper and taped paper over it and i smoked a small hole. you want to focus the sun through the hole in there so you can see it on the paper underneath. as y
5:47 pm
and bigger. but today you just see a perfect circle. on august 21, as the moon is crossing in front of the sun for us on earth it will look like something took a bite out of the circle. >> or you can use anything with holes in it, like a straw hat or cracker with holes in it only pasta strainer. >> at the air and space museum downtown and udvar-hazy center they will help you build your own cardboard projection viewer. for now they have free solar glasses to give away as well. i love it. so a cracker with holes in a pasta trainer or make a grid with the fingers to still create the same image on the sun whether on the pavement. you will see it takes a different shape. as far as the solar glasses go, they have a ton at the museum. also in chantilly at the udvar-hazy center. you can find them at local libraries. but the key leer is everything says until the supplies last. so if
5:48 pm
get on it pretty quickly. now just 19 days away. meteorologist josh knight on the national mall. back to you. alison: all right. great information out there. thank you. ahead at 6:00, the space theme continues. nasa's ambitious plan to protect the planet from an asteroid is being dubbed a planetary defense system. it's a big catch just ahead. we are also learning more about the explosion that rocked minneapolis school. that and more ahead at 6:00. larry: okay. dubious record in gulf of mexico this year. this year dead zone is the largest ever recorded. now that is the area of the gulf with too little oxygen to support marine life. this year's zone is the size of the state of new jersey. the dead zone formed after nitrogen and phosphorous from the mississippi drain in the gulf, feeding plankton that thrive and use up the oxygen. alison: a man pumping gas is hailed as a hero tonight. no one is more thankful for the bravery on
5:49 pm
than sonya taylor. the florida woman was trapped in her s.u.v. after her brakes fail and she ended up in a retention pond. even though he started filming, he quickly realized he had to put down his phone and help her. >> the more i move the more i was sinking. >> i had my swimming trunks on and i was at the right place at the right time. >> an act of kindness. i mean it's truly, that is a hero. >> wow! eventually other people jumped in. all to help her in the water there. they held the vehicle up as taylor was pulled out of her window. larry: wow! that is what people should do. not like the kids who watched the man drowned last week. good for him. alison: thank goodness all the people were there to help. larry: very thankful. right now we have storms in the areas we are talking about. let's go to doug in the stormwatch7 for more. doug: back on thunderstorm patrol. an afternoon activity here. most of the activities toward
5:50 pm
popped up. as one of the boundaries flowed southwest out of the complex. a few more showers and the thunderstorms over northeastern sections of montgomery county, damascus and along the river. and one over northwest washington south of bethesda. we have action here. but there are very few far between. most of the action metro and north. we continue to monitor the aircraft delays. a little close-up. this area on the d.c. line. to glen burnie and southern side of baltimore. the future cast shows most will move from the northeast tonight and it will calm down. be partly cloudy, muggy. metro area, maybe the viewers out west of i-81 might see a late night shower or an early morning shower tomorrow as the air is unstable. essentially tomorrow is repeat of today. low 90's.
5:51 pm
friday afternoon as well. temperatures at this hour, hold in the upper 80's to 90 across the area. it feels a little warmer. the planner through the everything will see temperatures drop in 70's. the shower and the storm chances will go away. here is the extended outlook. leave you with this. much improved weather over the weekend. looks great. less humid. d.c. united and toronto get together at r.f.k. on saturday. perfect weather. citi open, final day is perfect weather. cooler weather next week. shower chances monday and tuesday and delightful stretch of cooler -- did i say that? cooler weather next week. alison: looking forward to it. looking forward to tennis tonight. larry: looking forward to going out there and staying dry. alison: from tennis to football. robert burton is live in richmond for the redskins training camp. hey, robert.
5:52 pm
robert: this is day six. the players came out. but before that another group of people out here. men and women of service. they went through the gauntlet as well. we were here to see it. >> nice job. >> a true grind today. not just for the players. >> nice job. >> much respect to the people, football players who do this daily. >> naval officer samuel johnson is one of many that took part in the u.s.a.a. nfl boot camp. boy was he gassed. >> m come out here. and just do a tad bit of what the redskins do. >> eye opener. >> i thought i was going to fall down from overuse. that was tough. >> chance for the nfl to give back to the service men. reminder that they are appreciated and not forgotten. >> not a lot of people get to go
5:53 pm
like this. a lot of people get to watch it on the nfl network but to be up close and personal is a great opportunity. >> it's giving back. it's cool to feel like you are part of the community. especially in you're not from the area. cool opportunity. robert this is all about creating a lasting memory for those who lay it all out for the country. >> a moment in time they will never forget. every time it bounces up and they see boot camp or see something going on with the redskins, they will remember this day. >> if it looked like they were gassed imagine me. i couldn't. back to you. alison: i was wondering if we'd see you do that. all right, robert. thank you. see you soon. well, still to come, rising temperatures are having an unexpected impact in the swiss alps. larry: but the problem in the u.s. is the heat. we look at both when we come back.
5:54 pm
alison: we home you join us next thursday to stuff the bus. we'll collect school supplies for local students at the safeway on 14th street in southeast. we hope you will join us. if not, find out how you can did you know slow internet can actually hold your business back? say goodbye to slow downloads, slow backups, slow everything. comcast business offers blazing fast and reliable internet that's up to 16 times faster than slow internet from the phone company. say hello to faster downloads with internet speeds up to 250 megabits per second. get fast internet and add phone and tv now for only $24.90 more per month. our lowest price ever on this offer. but only for a limited time. call today. comcast business. built for business.
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jonathan: remember in june when the bodies of a swiss couple were found in glacier 75 years after they disappeared? it happened again. last week they found another set of remains of a german hiker who disappeared 30 years ago. both sets were found in southwestern part of switzerland and experts think they will find more as the glaciers recede in face of rising temperatures. nancy: report-shattering heat is baking the pacific northwest. portland could tie or break the all-time record of 107 degrees by the end of this week. marci gonzalez shows us people unaccustomed to the heat, how they trying to cool off. >> possible historic heatwave in the northwest. temperatures
5:58 pm
records. california suffering through the all-time hottest day ever there. 113 degrees. portland is forecasted to hit 107. there people and animals are doing their best to stay cool. marci: seattle could reach triple-digit temperatures which only happened three times in the past 120 years. they are warning of the danger of heat stroke since only 15% of homes there have air conditioning. no surprise across the northwest a.c.'s are now a hot commodity. >> today has been swamped. we have sold 130 or 140 pieces of the air conditioners. marci: cooling centers are open. other people head for the mall, schools and anywhere to take a dip. >> being on the water is great. cool off, get in the shade. >> searching for some relief which is hard to come by for
5:59 pm
firefighters. >> battling 48 wildfires fueled by extreme temperatures. >> the heat is not letting up. triple digits expected for the next few days. marci gonzalez, abc7 news. jonathan: now at 6:00, a police officer made of steel. what he did immediately after taking the brunt of this frightening crash. nancy: gone in seconds. the deadly blast that leveled part of a school and the frantic search for a missing worker. jonathan: inches from death. and the question his family wants answered. announcer: now "abc7 news at 6:00". on your side. jonathan: today the dangerous stretch of highway claimed another victim. this happened on
6:00 pm
highway in the area outside the beltway near fort washington. maryland bureau chief brad bell is there with why it is so dangerous and what is being done to change things. brad? brad: police are focusing on the road. going back i can't remember the bad crashes i covered here. the latest here. palmer road, indian head highway. you my see the debris in the roadway. this involved a motorcyclists. police say he was at fault. according to police he ruse winning up indian head highway on a sport bike. he raced through a-related light on palmer road and crashed in the back of the car and entered the road on a green light. he became the fifth person to die in a crash on indian head highway this year. the road a.a.a. described this way. >> this is perhaps the most dangerous road in the


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